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Nothing like graves....

Working a slow graveyard shift up in the mountains. I stopped a car where I thought the occupant may have been in possession of a gun. So I called for another deputy. Soon after, I heard my partner answer up on the radio and began to respond. Well, he just around the corner from me when I heard him on the radio say, " I copy, show me enroute, ahh F*ck!!!!" and then dead silence over the radio. My heart stopped and all I could do is guess and speculate what could have possibly happened to him. A carwreck? god forbid an ambush? what could it have been... The dispatcher quickly got on the radio and asked "4-2, are you code 4?" at that point I knew that every cop in the County was in suspense, waiting... everything was put on hold... My partner replied back he was out of breath and you could hear the lingering fear in his voice. He stuttered "affirm, I am... code 4, I thought... I hit a animal,.. but I... did'nt..." No cop in the County knew what he was talking about, all we knew was that he was ok. He assisted me on my car stop, but the entire time he was distracted and had appeared as if he had a near death experience or had seen a ghost. After clearing the stop, he told me what he had seen and then drove me to where it happened. Mountain kids get pretty bored and... creative in the winter. Several kids contructed several over sized cardboard cut-outs of real looking animals, cats, dogs, coyotes and conviently placed them all over the mountain roads. They propped them up on sticks and tied ropes to them as they hid behind trees or ditches. As my partner drove by they yanked the rope making it appear as if it was moving. I feel it is appropriate to accurately describe the exact demimsions and "size" of certain body parts on the card board animal my partner hit. The genitalia on the cat/coyote was approximately 16"... As I stood over the cut out I could not stop from laughing, and laughing and luaghing at my partner....and the situation. He was bitter and was not amused...He spent that last 3 hours of the shift tracking down the kids....he was succesful. In my book the kids should get a "get out of jail" free card due to their great creativity...
submitted 05.21.09

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