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I pulled over a little silver car about a month ago. The girl gave me her license and registration and proof of insurance. She told me that i was HOTT and i said thanks. i asked her if she had had anything to drink tonight she said yes i said what she said that she had 2 long neck orange crushes i asked her what that was she said soda. i pull her out of the car when i asked her if i could search her car for weapons and drugs. i called for some much needed assistance when an unnecessary tap on my rear shocked me. she leaned in for a kiss and said Officer Joe Venable You Are So F****** HOTT Will You Marry Me? Wow. in handcuffs now she won't drop her story. i popped her trunk and low and behold her trunk is full of awkward sex toys. She yells to me that those could be used for US. YIKES! Turns out the girl (she was 18 im 45) broke out of Glen Oaks a psychiatric hospital OH GREAT!!!??
submitted 03.18.09

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