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A partner of mine responded to a call of a male subject following a local Grocery Store's 18-Wheeler of merchandise in his own vehicle. Immediately upon his arrival my partner recognizes the male as we had dealt with him on several occassions. We will call him "H". My partner stops and talks to "H" as he is still sitting in his personal car. My partner asks "H" what the heck are you doing "H". He replies, "Well the truck says "Follow me to the Freshness" so I was following him!" Needless to say "H" lost his driving priviledges after a while. I think the last straw was when he claimed a can of beer he had in the car was not his and he had bought it for an idol of a catholic trinket and told the officer it was hers and she had been drinking. FYI. We were finally able to get "H" the help he needed and is doing great as of now. He sure did make us chuckle with his benign sense of humore.
submitted 12.15.07

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