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Back some years ago while on patrol. One early Sunday morning my partner and I get a call for a domestic dispute in the projects. Upon responding I turned to my partner as we are going up the urine stanched elevator I said, just follow my lead. As we approached the apartment door we can hear the yelling inside. I put on me terminator sunglasses and did my best Stevie Wonder. My partner calms everyone down,as I'am facing the wall telling it to be quiet. My partner tells the husband or boyfriend not really sure ,to go take a walk (pre O.J) as the guy leaves the woman can't quite figure us out she starts pointing her finger at me to see in I would flinch. I kept my eyes shut and my partner goes into his speech about community policing and hiring. The Woman answered the questions and stated the she knew the police department hired the handi-capped but didn'it know they hired the blind she didn't like one bit.. The situition defused but the calls that came into the C.O. loaded the switch board.
submitted 10.16.07

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