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Sometimes police work requires a super-human effort to remain calm and professional. A partner and I responded to a domestic dispute. Female has packed all her belongings in large black plastic garbage bags, and she and the male are arguing intensely. The usual; who did what to whom, what belongs to who, etc. We try to calm the situation, but they are too focused on yelling at each other. Soon the male becomes concerned that the female may be taking his personal stuff, so he starts rummaging through the garbage bag-luggage. All of a sudden he stops, his eyes get wide and he yells, "What the hell is that?!" As he reaches in the bag, her hand shoots past his and grabs the item as she replies, "That's my dildo, cause you don't satisfy me!" To top it off, she continues yelling at him, and shaking the big rubber "thing" in his face. Believe it or not, my partner and I did not break up laughing until after we cleared the scene!!
submitted 09.18.07

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