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I am not a law enforcement official, but a CRJU & Criminology major at ASU in Augusta Georgia. I am writing a research paper on Domestic Violence. My research paper is about what really happens when units respond to DV calls and why they are so dangerous for uniform patrols to respond too. I am hoping that my paper will project a postive light and understanding to what cops face on a daily basis responding to DV calls. The public only hear negative outcomes to DV calls when victims are murdered and place blame on responding officers. I have no positive stories to write about. If any of you can help me I would greatly appreciate it and would like to share your stories. No member of society can truly understand or comprehend the danger you guys place yourself in on a daily basis. Thank you for protecting the streets of the USA. I can be reached at jroger15@aug.edu. Thank you for your time.
submitted 09.14.07

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