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I'm not a cop (nor do I play one), just a small town dispatcher (the agency had & has only one person for both phones and radios). 34+ yrs ago when I was first hired, training was five days OJT (and on the fifth day, my "trainer" just watched TV for the 8 hrs). I'd been given a short list of commonly used PC [Penal Code] sections to memorize and then put on my own. About the second week I got a call of a crime which had just occurred. I put it out on the air, "288 PC just occurred at [address]." I could hear both of my units kick on their sirens (I said it was small) and started to respond. I thought I'd better give some additional info as they thought the call was important enough to run with lights and sirens, so added, "It occurred to a toolbox in a front yard." The sirens went quiet and then my sergeant asked over the radio, "Confirming it was a 488 PC, petty theft?" It turns out that 288 PC was oral copulation!!
submitted 08.31.07

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