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I am working a two-man car with a good friend. That is when this job is at its best. Good buddy, hot coffee, laughing all night. I can't believe they pay us for those nights. We get sent to an old lady's mansion. Really interesting old place in the hills. She says someone broke in and robbed her. The place looks pristine, and we are wondering what she is talking about. She walks us to the safe in the bedroom. "Right this way, young men..." Once inside she shows us about $500,000 worth of jewelry. Diamonds, rubys, gold, even a signed invitation to Richard Nixon's ball at the White House on his first night as president. She then orders us to take it all away. Now. She says the robbers took all her real stuff and substituted this fake jewelry and she wants it out. Now I was catching on. We had a moment and then called her emergency contact. I guess her dimensia was getting worse. It was a shame, actually. Her nephew said since her husband died she just kept slipping away. We locked the safe and said our farewells.
submitted 08.29.07

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