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My wife and I are on the way to Vegas. We were, shall we say, flying a bit faster than necessary? We get pulled over by the Highway Patrol. Generally, not good news, even for a cop. They have been known to sign us up just like anyone else. In any case, the kind gentleman comes to the window, and I blurt out, "I'm a cop, but I am not armed." Stupid. His reply, "Then why tell me you are a cop?" Hmmmm, good question...probably because I don't want a 500 dollar ticket and to lose my new car? I come up with "In case you find out on the computer and then think I might be armed...you know, a safety thing officer!" In any case, I get lucky. Stearn warning only. By no means as a result of my quick thinking, I assure you.
submitted 08.29.07

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