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In Phoenix, AZ looking for a murder suspect. We had a few local cops with us, but basically it was us. I was wearing jeans and a Hawaiian shirt; my partner was about the same. We pull up to a house where the suspect's father lives. He says they guy is not home, so we ask for permission to search. He says sure. Once inside, we find no suspect... At the last minute, I see a body-sized duffle bag. It is a long shot, but I show my partner the bag and we quietly agree that we should open it. I cover it with my .45, and my partner opens it. INSIDE: 350 pounds of cocaine. Bricked and ready to ship. The subsequent search shows this is a major drug packaging location. Unreal. About halfway home on the freeway it strikes me and my partner: We should be dead. That much dope should have been guarded by men with machine guns and they should have killed us on site. Sometimes you survive because of dumb ass luck.
submitted 08.29.07

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