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I was working with a partner from the police academy as a Z car ... LAPD speak for a crime supression car. We heard the call of "shots heard in the area, Harvard and Pico." Being the hard chargers we are, we drove to the area to see two individuals running away from the location. We jammed them, but they apparently were running from the gun fire. As we were lawfully detaining them per Terry v. Ohio, we heard shouting and more shots a few houses South of us. We immediately went to the scene and heard more shots, and saw a body drop to the floor behind a backlit security ventilation door to the bottom apartment. "Officer Needs Help! Shooting in Progress," and our colleagues arrived to deal with this shooter. We made a tacital plan, arrest team, rescue team, designated shooters, breaching tools ...as we were preparing to make entry and rescue at least one known victim and deal with the potential shooter all ground to a halt! The watch commander instructs us to stand down and wait for SWAT. I can't believe it! Active shooter, victim down and this "leader" has us stand down. Fast forward 45 minutes, and entry is finally made ... five dead bodies, two of which bled to death based upon the opinions of the medical team at scene. Nice supervision, strong work.
submitted 08.28.07

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