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My partner and I responded to a T/C that had just occurred in the Harbor. It was about 2030 hours, dark, but clear and dry. A crowd had already started to gather and we quickly exited to assess the situation. As we began making requests for additional patrol units, a rescue ambulance, and traffic officers, we also realized we'd have to contact the coroner. Here's the basic story... There were three vehicles in total; mini-van with father driving, mom sitting front passenger and 16 y.o. daughter sitting rear passenger; 19 y.o. son (of van occupants) following in compact car; V-3, sedan with one male driver. V-1 and V-2 were waiting in the left turn pocket to make a turn. Dad decided he could make it and accelerated into the intersection. V-3, travelling in the opposite direction t-boned the van at full speed (approx 40 mph) sending it spinning into the son's car behind them (V-2). All vehicles came to rest and the occupants began to exit, obviously shaken, but not seriously injured. Dad, mom, son, 3rd party driver...all able to walk, but... The 16 y.o. daughter wasn't out with the rest of the family. When the van was t-boned, the impact struck the exact spot where the daughter was sitting, killing her instantly. She sat, still seatbelted in but deceased with her jaw literally hanging from her face. As the coroner arrived to remove the young girl, additional information came to light. Apparently, the reason the dad/family were in such a hurry was because they had received a phone call from the local hospital that the grandmother (dad's mom) was on her deathbed. To add insult to injury, the 16 y.o. had celebrated her "sweet 16" just 24 hours prior. This fact was apparent by the shiny gold "Sweet 16" charm around her neck. It was the most unfortunate of accidents, yet it was just that...an accident. Hours later I discovered that the grandmother they were all rushing to visit one last time, had passed away only 15 minutes before their horrific crash. I could only hope and pray that somewhere out there, a grandmother and her grand daugthter were together once again, neither feeling the pain of the world they left behind.
submitted 08.24.07

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