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Rampart Division, Mid Days: My partner and I hear an assistance call on a "415 man", we respond in an agressive manner. As we approach, we see 2 coppers in a fighting stance wearing light blue dishwashing gloves (the floppy type), facing a chain link fence, with a naked transient clinging to the fence, looking like a cat hanging on a curtain. We come to a screeching stop, knocking over a trash can, spilling the contents. the transient, the coppers and the crowd immediately turn their attention to us. we recognize the bum, the shocked, bug-eyed look on his face tells us he recognizes us. the coppers tell us he was "pissing at them" and wont come off the fence, only crime is "naked in public". we walk over to the hobo and tell him in a language he understands that he'd be better off climbing off the fence on his own. he does and immediately turns his back to us and goes to his knees, hands on head. without saying a workd, we signal the coppers waearing the gloves to cuff him. we get back into our car and as we leave, the crowd (still laughing), begins to clap as we drive off into the sunset...true story!
submitted 08.24.07

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