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I am a homicide detective in a pretty bad area. We were just returning to the station from picking up a murder suspect. We had him in custody, so all was good. My partner and I heard a gunshot or two from the south. We turned south and drove in that direction. Cops turn in that direction, even though our wives and moms aren't hot on the concept. As we turned south there is a suspect about 19 years old standing on the sidewalk. He is still shooting; this time at us! Three or four rounds. First time in many years as a cop that I saw the recoil and the smoke and knew the bullets were coming my way. I decided no time to shoot so I gunned the car to run the little bastard over. He must have seen the crazy eyes or something because he ran. We caught him around the block. No gun, of course. He managed in just 30 seconds to pass it to a friend. That is why he gave up. As we stopped him at gunpoint I put it pretty simple. "If you move. If you move at all, I will #$@%#%#$@@@#$ 'in kill you. Understand?"
submitted 08.23.07

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