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Working mid-pm shift (6pm to 2:45am). My partner and I received a radio call of a, "Violent Female Mental, subject is armed with a pair of scissors and assualting passers-by..." While en-route, my partner and I formulated a tactical plan, I would be contact with the taser, he would be cover with the gun. We arrived and walked up on her, she was actually assaulting people with a pair of scissors. This was, of course, after she sliced her own wrists and was bleeding profusely all over herself. Before I could even speak to her, she turned and said, "you're not gonna tase me!" and then ran into the middle of an 8-lane highway. My partner and I followed. She finally stopped in the middle of the highway, pretty much on the double-yellow lines and turned around, scissors in hand and shouted, "go ahead! Tase me!" This was rush-hour and traffic was at a stand-still and encircled us. She then began her advance on me, scissors in hand. When she reached about 15 feet away, I fired the taser. One of the two darts missed, thus not completing the circuit. She looked down at the other dart, embedded into her chest and said, "I can't believe you tased me!" Then she began a quick advance toward me intent on stabbing me with the scissors. Thank god I reloaded while she stopped to ponder her new barbed jewelry. I then shot her a second time. This time, one in the chest and, you guessed it, one in the vagina. I pressed the trigger and she moaned and fell to the ground. My partner and I rushed to her side to disarm her and render aid. I asked if she was okay and she responded, "I have to pee." Another human NOT killed because of good tactics and sound judgement. You're welcome, sweetheart.
submitted 08.22.07

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