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Big Fat Turkey

“I work in a pretty busy county for the Sheriff's Office. as well as given a later day to appear in court. cHowever due to oe His vehicle was impounded since it is our standard procedure.er ounties with a lot of crime, our county jail faces over crowding and often times the crimminals lodged get released early. We work 12 hr shifts and I work on the weekend night shift from 6pm to 6am. So one busy Saturday night around 11 pm one of our deputies stopped a guy that was driving crazy and ended up arresting him for DUI. Usually when someone is arrested here for DUI they are lodged into the county jail and released once they sober up and of course ”
submitted 03.10.09

64 Stories By Real Cops

Story submitted 10.16.07

Back some years ago while on patrol. One early Sunday morning my partner and I get a call for a domestic dispute in the projects. Upon responding I turned to my partner as we are going up the urine stanched elevator I said, just follow my lead. As we approached the apartment door we can hear the yelling inside. I put on me terminator sunglasses and did my best Stevie Wonder. My partner calms everyone down,as I'am facing the wall telling it to be quiet. My partner tells the husband or boyfriend ...

Story submitted 10.09.07

I'm not an officer but I've known a few.I'm an avid clay shooter so it was bound to happen over the years.I'm writing to say that it breaks my heart when I think about how under appreciated you guys are by the general public.Watching Ken Burn's "The War"it struck me the same way to hear a veteran, even back then, lamenting how his sacrifice was not understood in a way that should've inspired more gratitude.As rewarding as the job is when you're a service to those in need and a force for order ...

Story submitted 09.18.07

Sometimes police work requires a super-human effort to remain calm and professional. A partner and I responded to a domestic dispute. Female has packed all her belongings in large black plastic garbage bags, and she and the male are arguing intensely. The usual; who did what to whom, what belongs to who, etc. We try to calm the situation, but they are too focused on yelling at each other. Soon the male becomes concerned that the female may be taking his personal stuff, so he starts rummagin ...

Story submitted 09.14.07

I am not a law enforcement official, but a CRJU & Criminology major at ASU in Augusta Georgia. I am writing a research paper on Domestic Violence. My research paper is about what really happens when units respond to DV calls and why they are so dangerous for uniform patrols to respond too. I am hoping that my paper will project a postive light and understanding to what cops face on a daily basis responding to DV calls. The public only hear negative outcomes to DV calls when victims are murde ...

Story submitted 09.12.07

One of my FTO officers (trains new cops in patrol) came into dispatch, where I work, looking completely disgusted. "Look at this!" He said pointing to a long silvery streak on his dark blue uniform pants, running from the cuff to mid-thigh. "Do I want to know what that is?" I asked. "My trainee, took so long to write this guy a speeding ticket, that while I was standing on the curb waiting, I noticed a snail had crawled up my leg. A snail!" Needless to say that guy didn't make it off of break in ...
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