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Big Fat Turkey

“I work in a pretty busy county for the Sheriff's Office. as well as given a later day to appear in court. cHowever due to oe His vehicle was impounded since it is our standard procedure.er ounties with a lot of crime, our county jail faces over crowding and often times the crimminals lodged get released early. We work 12 hr shifts and I work on the weekend night shift from 6pm to 6am. So one busy Saturday night around 11 pm one of our deputies stopped a guy that was driving crazy and ended up arresting him for DUI. Usually when someone is arrested here for DUI they are lodged into the county jail and released once they sober up and of course ”
submitted 03.10.09

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Miami Deadly For Cops

Here in Miami we have had several officers killed in just three months. The story I want to submit is "watch out" for those officers out there. For some reason the pressure on us is up right now, especially in the southern US. ...

Ah, Britney...

Britney Spears. That's all I have to say. Really, girl? How many cops should it take to get you out of the house and into an ambulance. I don't know why the celebs always get special treatment, but those LAPD officers must go nuts... ...

I'm Amphibious!

When I was a police officer, in North Carolina, we had one particular individual who was a long time dealer in street pharmacuticals. I got the arrest one day when he was finally caught with product on him. We got to the jail and as I was filling out the arrest report, I asked him the very last question on the form "handedness", "Are you right handed or left handed"? This guy looks right at me, puffs out his chest with pride, as he tells me "I can write with both hands, I'm amphibious"! ...

Story submitted 12.15.07

A partner of mine responded to a call of a male subject following a local Grocery Store's 18-Wheeler of merchandise in his own vehicle. Immediately upon his arrival my partner recognizes the male as we had dealt with him on several occassions. We will call him "H". My partner stops and talks to "H" as he is still sitting in his personal car. My partner asks "H" what the heck are you doing "H". He replies, "Well the truck says "Follow me to the Freshness" so I was following him!" Needl ...

Big Fat Turkey

My favorite story. We're on a traffic stop. My partner walks up to a station wagon (this was a while ago, they still made them....new) filled with a family obviously on a vacation.(Note: My partner was a little heavy at the time.) He starts cracking up as soon as he gets to the window. After coming back to the car, still laughing, I couldn't stand it any longer. "What the heck?" I asked. Partner says, "As I walked up, the little kid in the back seat says real loud 'That's not a big fat turkey, d ...
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