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Big Fat Turkey

“I work in a pretty busy county for the Sheriff's Office. as well as given a later day to appear in court. cHowever due to oe His vehicle was impounded since it is our standard procedure.er ounties with a lot of crime, our county jail faces over crowding and often times the crimminals lodged get released early. We work 12 hr shifts and I work on the weekend night shift from 6pm to 6am. So one busy Saturday night around 11 pm one of our deputies stopped a guy that was driving crazy and ended up arresting him for DUI. Usually when someone is arrested here for DUI they are lodged into the county jail and released once they sober up and of course ”
submitted 03.10.09

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I sat at my typewriter one night, making a futile attempt at catching up on reports. It seemed that either the phone was ringing or someone was walking in off the street, interrupting my train of thought. That’s the way it was in a small town, people would just stop in to chat. I just got rid of the last interruption and hit the keys a few times when the police radio came to life beside me. It was the Sheriff’s department dispatcher. A call reached their office regarding a disturbance at the ...

Mr. Tube

All right so there was this guy who did not like his wife so he took a bunch of pills and through them away he left a note saying he comitted suicide then he took a long sleep so his wife got home and took him to the hospital so they got out mr.tube and put it up his nose then they got mrs.chorcal and pumpped it up the tube so he through up (that is the goal)the looked through it and did not see any pills but they did not like him so they did it again and again finaly they let him go home where ...

What a way to ruin Dr. King's Legacy

I just finished patrolling my city's MLK day parade on horseback. It was a good parade, I assure you. But so many fights, and gang members pushing and flashing signs and fighting. Talk about ironic; why would you do that on HIS birthday??? ...

Best call ever!

I am watch manager, and one of the units gets a call with the follwing M.O.: "Respond to the male who stated that the angels of god are coming to get him, but he has 6 guns in the house and will not be taken alive." After the officers get their guns and K9s ready, the crazy-man gave up. No fight, no nothing. Funny shit, huh? ...

Drop the knife.

Cops on our watch responded to a suicide in progress. Girl was cutting her own head off with a kitchen knife. No shit. She was about 1/2 inch in when they got to her, pulled the knife away, and saved her. Lots of blood, but she made it. Now the nervous waiting on toxicology to see what the officers might have contracted from the blood contact. Oh, boy. ...
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